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The Inner World of Edgar is a stop motion short about an eccentric musician who enters into an inter-dimensional dream world where he encounters a talking tree, spirit animals and ascended masters who reveal the secrets of the universe.

The Psychedelic Elf is a claymation production that required over 4000 individual frames of specially designed sets.  A very time consuming process but the end result is always captivating. 


Ultra High Quality Emotionally Engaging Film Scores and Commercial Background Atmospheres


I've been making music videos since I was 11 years old.  They started using a videonics machine and VHS tapes.  Now we use Red Cameras, Songy A7RII and programs like Adobe CC to edit and render finished productions.  This is  music video I directed at the Little Boxes Theatre in San Francisco for an Illuminertia track entitled Activation Station.  We used Red Cameras and over 20 artists were involved.  

Activation Station - This is a music video I created the music for and directed the video featuring over 20+ artists from the Bay Area, California 

Amor y Guerra is a tango parody music video that I wrote, created the music for, and acted in as the male dancer.   

Liberator is a politically charged music video that I composed, edited and directed while completing my MFA in Media Design.


Here's a collaboration with Dhana Inc. a sustainable clothing company.  The song is entitled I Love Nature by Aaron Ableman.   I shot this using a Sony A7RII Camera with a 8mm Fisheye Lens, and a 50 mm Sigma Lens in conjunction with Dragon Frame Stopmotion software.  

Akasha is another Illuminertia music video that was created at the Little Boxes Theater in San Francisco.  It was shot by Liam Shy a well known DJ from the Bay Area.  The song and editing was done by me.

The Snowy Egret Village Parallax Video is a more commercial example of using a specific editing style to tell a captivating branding story about a sustainable living situation located in San Mateo, California.  


I'm a multimedia producer who specializes in film scores, multimedia performances, live mandala visuals, stop motion animation, video editing, graphic art, and music production.  Here's a of a live performance I put together for the Gemini Party a Guava event.  Footage captured by Kelly Guava.

Quimera Ritual Dance performing with Desert Dwellers @ The Berkeley Theater - October 19, 2018


Film Scores // Video Production//Stop Motion Animator

Premiere/After Effects/Adobe CC

Available for freelance and contract jobs

on location or at my studio


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